Indian Hut Bangkok is devoted to bringing the flavoursome Indian cuisine to the lively city of Bangkok. Indian cuisine is admired all over the world for its fragrance and use of exotic spices. Each dish is created with painstaking care and effort. Interestingly, Indian dishes are claimed to take more time compared to other cuisines. With many ingredients coming together in the right ratio to create a wonderful dish, Indian food is truly applause worthy effort. For over two decades, Indian Hut Bangkok has been offering the people of Bangkok what real Indian food tastes like.

The ingredients used in the dishes at Indian Hut Bangkok are chosen from the freshest produce in the market. Each of the spices used, are specially dried and powdered to add flavour and punch to every dish it is added to. The chefs at Indian Hut Bangkok have been professionally trained by the best in the industry and have years of experience in serving delicious food. Each dish on our menu has an added twist that will leave you asking for more.

If you are planning on hosting a special lunch for friends and family, Indian Hut Bangkok boasts of a large party hall with a capacity of 60 guests for sit down dinner and 120 guests for buffet style arrangements. We can customize the menu according to your pretences for the special event to include dishes of your choice. Our vegetarian dishes are prepared in a separate area from the non-vegetarian dishes. Meet with the manager of Indian Hut Bangkok today to book our party hall to celebrate your special event.

If you have been way from home for a long time and miss delicious home cooked food made by your mother, fear not. Indian Hut Bangkok will have your reminiscing about the old days in not time. The finger licking delicious dishes made by the chefs at Indian Hut Bangkok have an ethnic desi flavour that will fold you in layers of nostalgia. The next time you miss your home, drop by to take a quick visit with some mouth-watering dishes.

The taster menu at the Indian Hut Bangkok will give you a glimpse into the real flavours from India. Each dish has been selected to compliment the others on the menu. Take your time and slowly relish the taste of each dish before moving on to the next one. You will soon be in love with the strong aroma and flavour offered by Indian cuisine. Once you are hooked, you will be returning to Indian Hut Bangkok very soon.

Our chefs work hard to prepare mouth-watering dishes to give you the very best that India has to offer. Every dish in the menu is added after a lot of research and taste testing. We want to make sure that each of our guests enjoys our food and the ambience offered at our lovely establishment. Sign up for our newsletter to be up to date on all the news and happening at Indian Hut Bangkok.