Gaggan, the Best Indian Restaurant in Bangkok

Diamond Rings

Gaggan Anand is the owner of the most renowned and world’s best restaurant in Bangkok which is named as Gaggan. The food served tastes so delicious that you will want to gift Diamond rings to the chefs. Sites such as can inform you about the best hotels and restaurants in cities like Bangkok. Chef Anand has made sure to make a consistent change in his tasting menu that aroused curiosity among diners. The restaurant was started in the year 2010. Since then Gaggan has repeatedly been nominated for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants achievement record. The restaurant was announced as the best restaurant both in Thailand and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Some months later, Gaggan was ranked the 66th position on the publication’s “best in the world” list.

The Gaggan restaurant looked way different from a typical Indian restaurant. The decor of the place is white. From the music to the lighting of the vast and the art on the walls were all well maintained. Everything you find in the restaurant will seem perfect, nothing too bright or too loud. The Gaggan’s 10-course tasting menu provides you fantastic choices of dishes. The twist in the flavors makes the place more exciting. You will love the charcoal prawn Amritsari, yogurt explosion, butter chicken with some naan created by the chef Anand.

At the age of 38, Chef Gaggan has already reached the peak of success. He always wanted to do something different, and so he did. Chef Anand has always been focused on extending his business rather than being competitive in his approach. The way he experimented with the flavors of different dishes is well appreciated by his customers. The food in Gaggan is a mix of the traditional Indian cuisine with a blend of the freshest and the boldest flavors. The preparation involves innovation that gives every dish a different taste. The perfect amount of ingredients and spices balance out beautifully in every item.

Bringing variations in the taste and flavors of the dishes was challenging because everyone does not appreciate the change. People have become so sure about the taste of the dishes that slight twist in flavors can make significant impacts. But Chef Anand took the initiative. The Chef uses scientific cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy tools. As the Chef and the, his eatery Gaggan were gaining celebrities fame all over Thailand and also Asia the foodie fans have just been hit by the news that Gaggan is shutting up his shops by 2020. Chef Anand believes in an expiration date. According to him, every restaurant has a 10-year life, and after that, it becomes a brand.

This is time to book a table at Gaggan now. But reservations have turned even harder to get now. The Chef Gaggan famously known for serving progressive Indian cuisine has already made plans to set his new project. His next destination is Japan. He is planning to start a small restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan. He is introducing another exciting idea of a 25-course tasting menu that will be offered to his diners with no words but only emojis.

Vegetarian Dishes in Bangkok

Avoiding meat and fish while you are center can be frustrating but is not difficult to find veg food in Bangkok anymore. The restaurants have so much to offers to every kind of food lover. A Web Designing Company works, to design a proper website that will help you find your ideal vegetarian restaurants. Sites such as will give you information about the location of the best vegetarian restaurants in the desired cities. You will love to have the Pad Tai, Som Tom, Tofu Green curry. etc..

Going to May Veggie Home can also be an efficient way to enjoy vegetarian dishes. If you try the Masaman King Oyster Curry with Indian bread, then you are bound to come out licking your fingers. Great Indian food; Dosa King is one of them. Not only Dosa but the restaurant also serves North Indian dishes. The Baluchi’s Bangkok located at the Sawasdee Welcome Inn prepares exceptionally luscious samosas. You must surely try their garlic naan and daal. Saras is another favorite restaurant where you will love their Jain dishes, some Thai vegetarian dishes, and Indian-Chinese dishes. They provide immediate services.

The restaurant Khana Khazana is ideal for vegetarians. The restaurant offers a variety of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes. The cuisine serves dishes which ranges from the North India, Gujarat and South India. The restaurant is famous for its Masala Dosa which is cooked using fresh ingredients. The Gujarati dal khichadi is also loved by many. The in-house eatery offers 100% vegetarian dishes. The restaurant’s cuisine includes Thai and western food along with a scrumptious bakery. Though a vegetarian restaurant, it competes with the non vegetarian restaurants in the city with its fantastic dishes. You will find many other interesting vegetarian eatery spots in Bangkok.

If a vegetarian Indian food restaurant is what you are seeking, then your search ends at the Khaosan Road. Here you will find the city’s excellent restaurants. The food is delicious and is also affordable. You will discover cuisines from India, Israel, and Mexico all around this place. The menu list of the Israel cuisine includes Falafel, Humus, Tehina, and salads. The city’s famous restaurant, the Govinda Italian Restaurant can be counted on to serve up its best pan tossed pizzas and various kinds of pasta. The food here is so delicious that even non vegetarians will love to give up meat to eat here.

You will also find some salad bars in central Bangkok. There are many vegetarian options in the salad bars where the flavor and ingredients of the food are given slight twists every day. You can buy steamed rice as it goes exceptionally well with salads. The Gourmet Food court at the Central Embassy mall can serve you with the best quality Thai food. The Sizzler restaurant is a favorite American Chain in Bangkok. They also have a salad bar where you can refill your plates as many times as you want. They also serve pasta, soups, and fruits in the bar. The price of the food is low as it is in food courts.

Need for a Travel Guide for Indians in Bangkok


Tourism in Bangkok has shown exceptional growth in the former decades. This is because of the Ministry of travel that Bangkok has recognized the immense potential of travel in the city. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a hot, humid, and bustling city. Bangkok is famous for its street food which you can enjoy even in container cafes. As per the site, you will be able to explore more about the city. The tourism in the town has proliferated by the travellers from all across the globe who have been vuciously attracted to the vibrant street life, rich culture and history, the cuisine and stylish lifestyle. The official currency of Bangkok is Thai Baht. Bangkok is the most favorite places of Indians.

A travel guide takes every responsibility starting from the Visa Information, Airport guidance, where to stay, the best restaurants in the city, giving you information about hotels with in-house Indian restaurants, where to go shopping, and mainly the best tourist destinations. Indians who want to visit Thailand for a period not exceeding 15 days can collect their passports from the chosen checkpoints at the airport itself.

Bangkok airports are called as

  • BKK-Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • DMK-Don Mueang Airport

But both the airports are far away from the core of the city. So you will need to hire a public bus, a taxi service is available for public at the airports or a Rail Link service can also be used to reach the center of the city.
It is best that you visit Bangkok between November and February. During these months, Bangkok has the most suitable climate to explore the city on foot. The months between March and June are the hottest months. While you visit the city in these months then boat cruise, shopping, pool parties, attending rooftop bars are among the most fantastic indoor activities that you can enjoy in the city. Due to the possibility of heavy rainfall in June to October, the tourist crowd is low in these months.

Keeping your budget in mind a travel guide will help you choose an ideal hotel to stay in. There are many famous hotels in Bangkok. Bangkok has several mid-ranged vegan and non vegan restaurants. Searching for the best one can be a difficult task. Your travel guide can advise you on the best restaurants where you can enjoy finger licking delicious dishes.

Some, among the prominent restaurants, are Saras Indian Restaurant, The Great Kabab Factory, Charcoal Tandoor Grill and Mixology, Punjab Grill Restaurant, Rang Mahal Restaurant, Bawarchi Indian Restaurant, Khana Khazana and BBQ Delight. There are some beautiful outdoor sights in Bangkok. The Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is a vast underground aquatic museum containing a wide variety of floating animals. Another most prominent place to visit is the Safari world. The place is divided into a marine park and an open zoo. When talking about the most amazing outdoor places we cannot forget the renowned Madame Tussauds Bangkok. The place showcases wax statues of the celebrities from all over the world.

Restaurant Food You Can Make At Home

Indian cuisines have a taste of their own. With lots of spices and a different flavour in every single restaurant, we all have our favourite foods. Indian Food can be made in plenty of ways depending on the person cooking it. This is an incredible feature about Indian food items that is unbeatable by any other country’s food. The number of spices available in our country is a big list. Let us discuss few Indian restaurant delights that we can quickly make at home. Of course, practice will let you develop the similar taste as it is in a restaurant but the trial must start now.

The simplest and most beloved food item is perhaps Alloo Tikki. An easy to make an appetiser that can be served in any way you want. Alloo Tikki is nothing else but mashed potatoes mixed with spices, formed into patties and fried after that. It can be complemented by mango chutney which is often made and preserved for several days by many Indian households. The next thing that you will find everywhere from a small street shop to any reputed restaurant is Samosa. If you are from any European country, you must be familiar with empanadas. Samosa is quite similar to empanadas and is a popular appetiser in every part of the country.

Momos have also become quite popular in Indian street shops and restaurants in recent times. These are Indian dumplings that can be made with a little practice at home. Filling of the Momos can experiment as many numbers of times as you desire. Another important thing about Indian food habit is that certain appetisers are famous for a particular time. For instance, people love eating Pakodas or bhaji during the rain. Pakodas are extremely easy to make and requires a very minimal amount of effort.

In the main course, North Indians are fans of the Gobi which is a dish made using cauliflower. Alloo Gobi Sabji is often served at restaurants and is pretty easy to be prepared at home. Unlike other leading dishes, alloo Gobi Sbji is preferred dry. For non-vegetarians there are plenty of roasted and spicy food options. Try Indian style chicken tandoori which is famous worldwide. It can be made at home in a tandoor. You need to marinate the chicken pieces in curd and then it is passed through a metal rod or stick. It is then put into a tandoor where it is allowed to get cooked for some time.

There are other easy-to-make chicken dishes for a home like chicken tikka masala. The only work required here is to prepare the gravy carefully. It can be served with roti or naan as you like it. North India is famous for another dish known as chicken butter masala. It is very commonly made at homes for lunch. Lamb Rogan josh is another fancy dish mainly served in restaurants. The fantastic item can be prepared at home to pamper your taste buds anytime you want. Try out a recipe book to help you with the ingredients and the cooking process and you are done.

Top-Rated Trending Restaurant Menu List

It is now time when the Indian food trends of the year will be discussed, listed, predicted and shared all over the globe. Some dishes remain, and some change whereas some dishes stay in power for a long time in the menu list. As we see that the majority of the population is concerned about health and eating healthy, avoiding junk as much as possible, the year’s trending menu is focuses on consumer health and their awareness about healthy lifestyle. The traditional dishes will be provided with a blend of exotic spices and flavours. These trends have gained importance in the past few years which include cuisine inspired from street menus, Mediterranean flavours and breakfast items. The newly introduced one is the plant-based items.

The Vegetarian Diet
If you want to enjoy benefits of nutrition in the food that you eat, the vegetarian diet is the best choice that you can make. The traditional non-vegan diet comes is a combination of meat cum dairy items and animal food items. The plant-based diet is famous for its health benefits that it provides to a consumer. Veggies and fruits are naturally healthier than consuming beef or poultry. Besides the menu having plant food items, some of the vegetable items are also gaining acceptance. You will find veggie based nutritious food that includes cauliflower and risotto. Pizza garnished with a crust of zucchini is the veggie section of the restaurant’s menu list.

Appetizing Street Foods
Along the launch of Food Truck, the popularity of street dishes have been exploded in recent years. This year street dishes and items have gained more sophistication when compared to the previous years. Whether be it with charcoal, wood or stone you will love to have the street food. The influence of street foods in events and conferences has helped it to gain prominence among the eating hubs. Street foods are therefore able to offer attractive menu names and ideas that go beyond the regular burgers and sandwiches or fries and soups. You can try waffles having strawberries toppings with choco cream and enjoy the best of street foods.

Burgers and Pizzas
Pizzas and burgers have become widespread and common in many parts of the world. A burger is a sandwich stuffed with one or more patties of fried or grilled meat, foie gras, caviar, lobster, truffles and aged gruyere cheese or mayonnaise. Pizza is a traditional Italian dish which consists of yeasted flatbread typically topped with vegetables, tomato sauce, and cheese then baked in the oven. Pepperoni pizza is the most favourite type of pizza of the majority. Pizza is a low cost and readily prepared dish that can be perfect for a casual dinner.

The Mediterranean flavours have continued to remain in power in the trending menu list of the restaurants over the years. Flavours like pomegranate, Zatar, sumac and cardamom also turmeric has always been among the main ingredients in the dishes of many restaurants. Middle Eastern and Israeli ingredients like hummus, lamb and kefir have also appeared prominently in the menu list of several restaurants. Egg dishes are mainly ordered for breakfast. Moreover, they are very cheap and can also play a part in lunch and dinner.

Trending Food Items in India

Zucchini pasta and zoodles offer an excellent treat to the Indian vegetarians, vegans and health freaks. It is likely to say that 2018 is going to deliver more plant-based dishes in Indian Food trend list. It is a light, low-calorie yet tasty recipe that is very easy to prepare. Once you try this dish, it will become your favourite. Zucchini noodles are delicious and are a healthy substitute for portions of pasta and other crab dishes. You can manipulate the taste of the dish according to your wishes by using different kinds of sauces and flavourings.

The world has finally recognised the importance of mushrooms. These are nature’s hidden treasure. Mushrooms are one of the best ingredients that you can use while preparing a dish. The ingredients besides being highly nutritious, also add fantastic flavour to your recipe and the crunchy texture will give you extreme pleasure when you eat it. You can choose mushrooms to grill, bake, fry, sauté, stuff, or roast and surprisingly it brings out its flavours to the fullest in every kind of cooking.

If you do not like to eat tacos stuffed with crabs here is good news for you. Shell-less tacos have already been launched in the market. You can now enjoy tacos wrapped with lettuce, kale or spinach shells or the tacos with gluten-free flours. You will also love to have the chicken-shell taco introduced by Taco Bell in India. It is apt to say that tacos will get a healthy revamp this year.

Superfood powders are healthy, and you can add this to any of your dishes to get their exotic flavour and serve a feast to your taste buds. Turmeric and matcha powders are very popular all over the world. Matcha powder is actually green tea finely ground into a powdery, sugar-like texture. Some of the superfood powders have a digestive healing property. We are hoping to see more additions to superfood powders in the market in the coming years. If you add some flaxseed, chia or cocoa powder to your desired shakes and salads, the ingredients will undoubtedly enhance their taste.

Poke bowls are generally referred to raw, marinated fish, usually tuna which is tossed with steamed rice and served with vegetables and umami-packed sauces. Guppy, in Delhi, will be adding this one bowl wonder dish on the menu list of most of the restaurants and eateries. Regional cuisines are also known as local or state dishes. Regional varieties are mostly based on available food, cooking style of the place and difference in the culture. Most of the celebrity chefs are travelling through different areas of India to bring out their favourite cuisines, explore the unknown flavours. In 2018, the regional cuisine will undoubtedly occupy an essential place in a restaurant’s menu list.

You can expect more and more restaurants are focusing on regional cuisines from the Northeast and the tribal belt of India, especially restaurants that offer food items from Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh and also some other regions. Besides the trending food items of the year, the chefs are also focusing on finding out ways to reduce the wastage of the year by utilising the entire animal or vegetable.

Lip-Smacking Goodness Of Indian Cuisines At Bangkok


Indians love their food! But we are just too much in love with our traditional cuisines that we immediately start missing homemade food once we leave our home country. The craving is so much that we are even ready to travel miles just to grab a bite of a well known local delicacy. An exceptionally good restaurant is one that provides you with a wide range of cuisines and that includes Indian food too. What would be more special than being served with piping hot Dal-chawal, Roti- paneer butter masala, dhokla or Chana-masala while touring an exotic locale like Bangkok? It would be a dream come true moment for the Indian food lovers out there.

One of the prominent Indian restaurants found in Bangkok is the Indian Hut Restaurant. Given below are some of the features that make it rank higher than the rest of the restaurants in Thailand.

Exceptional Service
The Indian Hut Bangkok does not just deliver the food at your place and leave the premises. They make sure the food reaches the place by time and will be with you until the end of the event, catering to the needs of the guests and serving them food and drinks. When the event is concluded, they gather up the dishes and leave the place only after removing the food wastes and cleaning up the area.


Catering To Your Cravings- At Your Door Steps
The Indian Hut provides catering services for events. Whatever be the event-weddings, birthdays, business meetings, get-togethers, tourism-related trips- they are always just a call away. You can pick the cuisine, and they are ready at your doorsteps, piping hot and ready to be served! They serve not only Indian dishes; there is a wide range of Thai delicacies and other cuisines available at the restaurant.

Catering at Events

Recently they had the opportunity to provide catering services to a yoga event conducted at Bangkok . It was a very well organised event that was attended by some of the notable names in the field of Yoga, such as Yoga King, Yoga Studio, Camyoga, and so on. This event was a major one, and was covered in detail by The organisers of the yoga event were very particular about the dishes they needed. After the event, most of the participants took their time thanking the caterers for the scrumptious meal as they were missing their homemade food after coming to Bangkok. Well, that would be the best compliment one would receive for their dedication and commitment to their job!

So, the next time you have to visit Bangkok make sure you visit Indian Hut, Bangkok or opt for the comprehensive catering services and we can guarantee you that you won’t say that you missed Indian food while staying in Bangkok. Or, if you feel like trying out new cuisines that you have not yet tried yet, even then Indian Hut Bangkok would provide you with the best! Let the lingering smell of delicious hot bites and the memories of delectable Indian cuisines travel back with you!

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Tips For Planning An Indian Wedding At Thailand!

Thailand is the favorite place for many tourists because of its vibrancy and beauty. Owing to its proximity to India and the low travel expenses, Thailand is chosen by many Indians for destination weddings.

Plan the Travel Suitably
Frequent flights are available to different cities in Thailand. Air India, Air-Asia, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways, etc. offer services at reasonable rates. If you plan well ahead of the date and book the tickets, then you may be able to get some good deals. Thailand allows visa on arrival for the tourists which makes things convenient for you. Estimate the number of your guests and plan the arrangements for their travel rightly.

Take care of the legal stuff!
Rules of marriage differ from country to country. The ceremonies held in the presence of religious officials make the marriage valid in most of the countries. You would have to complete the official registration later. Some countries require proof for eligibility for marriage, and in some places, even blood tests are demanded. So, check such things and get the required things done so that you do not land in trouble the last minute.

A Wedding is incomplete without entertainment
The most vital element which makes destination wedding attractive for guests is the entertainment options it provides. Thailand offers you limitless options for entertainment. There are spots where you can enjoy adventurous activities like scuba diving and snorkelling, numerous malls and commercial spaces are available for an excellent shopping experience, a number of temples are there which are must visit places. Thai spa treatment is world famous, and your guests can enjoy that too. Make prior arrangements so that your guests can have a good time.

Arrange the Ceremony Right!
Everyhas its own ceremonies related to marriage. Thailand shows a strong cultural inclination towards India. Moreover, officials belonging to Hindu, Muslim, , Buddhist and other religions are easily available in Thailand. So getting a religious official to perform the marriage rites would not be a big deal. But, do not wait until the last minute to get the arrangement done. The ceremony is the most significant part of the wedding, and it should not be compromised.

Some Food Thoughts
Food is an integral element of Indian weddings. Whatever facilities you provide for the guests, if the food is not good, then the rest goes in vain. Many restaurants provide Indian food upon request. It would be wise to get this checked before fixing a venue. Thai food tastes great and it would be awesome if you have authentic Thai dishes included in your wedding food menu. Thai sea food and aromatic Thai curries are excellent options.

Bring in Some Thai Elements
In addition to the food, it would be fun if you can incorporate some Thai elements in your wedding. Thailand is very famous for elephants. So, why not try to include them in the wedding processions? Groom arriving on the elephant would also be a unique idea! Get in touch with the planners who can arrange such things perfectly. Thailand resorts frequently host Indian wedding and so you would be able to get such things arranged easily.

Costumes and Makeup- Follow Your Tradition!
Pre – plan and finalize your costumes for the Wedding Day and following ceremonies. Go for some best designers like The Fair Lady Designer from Diadem Bridal Gowns , Chennai , Swathi from Studio 149 and so on.Take the costumes and accessories along with you neatly packed so that they are not tampered with during the flight. While coming to costumes and makeup, it would be best to follow your tradition. You would be the most confident and comfortable in your own traditional style. It is your special day, and your comfort should be the primary consideration. You can get the costumes and accessories designed in India. Take the costumes and accessories along with you neatly packed so that they are not tampered with during the flight. Makeup can be done in the perfect Indian style only if you hire Indian makeup artists. Choose the best wedding makeup artist in Chennai who is an expert in taking up such assignments; you can approach them and convey your requirements. Costumes and makeup are important because they are the ones which make you look good in your wedding pictures and videos.

Do not overlook any of these points. If the preparations are done rightly, then there is no need to worry. You can relax and celebrate your special day enjoying the essence of Thailand. So, why wait! Start planning now! Thailand has all the magic to make your wedding a truly memorable day.