Technological Ideas For Missing Waiter Call Buttons At Restaurant

Technological Ideas

Technological Ideas

Simple solution to this problem have a waiter call button below your table, PROBLEM SOLVED just press it and the waiters comes to you, and if few engineers are reading this post they would realize how easy this idea is to implement, and I am confident that few of the engineers would be planning to open a restaurant with this feature.Vehicle LED display I am not posting this idea because there is any problem but just to tell you how this idea can help. We all travel a lot and meet different kind of drivers and vehicles, now of we have a LED display over our vehicle we can share a lot of information and save a lot of time.

Like someone coming from a heavy traffic area with a message on his LED as “don’t go to the AB road there is lot of traffic there”, or someone with a message “The red car with dent has a beautiful lady on the back seat”. this will solve many issues up to a great extent.Use global warming to solve global warming I don’t know whether it is even possible or not, and if it is possible then why hasn’t someone already though of this.

Due to global warming earth is getting hotter every day and heat means energy i.e. the earth surface is radiating energy always can’t we use photo voltaic cells to reduce carbon use to get the energy,Advertising in houses You all will be feeling very annoyed after reading this, advertisements always irritate us mostly the pop ups that open they are really annoying, but just think of this the contractor offering you the house on a very low rate if you allow advertising in your house, and you will be seeing an advertisement on your curtains while taking shower, and while taking shower some advertisements can really make you feel good.

Cooking in the kitchen and getting the name of best shop in the city how wonderful it is, isn’t it?Happiness hot-spots We all use Facebook, twitter and all kind of social media all day long, what if there is an app in your mobile that reads your status and tweets and decide what kind of mood you are in and displays your location on a map with any particular color say green of happy, red for angry or black for sad, now all your friend can see you where you are and how is your mood.

If we have this app and we see our friend in really happy mood in a restaurant all we need to do is take a bus and reach to your friend and you get a free dinner.Electronic news paper We Indians have a very good habit of reading news paper in the morning and approximately more than 3000 trees are cut per day just to print the news paper, so can we have a permanent electronic news paper that refreshes it at 00:00 AM, and you can read them all day long, but many Indians will not agree on to this idea as they will think if they don’t buy a news paper daily where would the eat there “Chana Jor Garam”.

But implementing this idea will help in saving trees.Universal Language translator As per the current technologies this idea looks a little distant but what if we have a universal language translator fitted in our ears, just think that talk in whatever language you speak no problems, and even you can understand all the languages go to a remote place of P&G and then also you understand what even their tribes say, wouldn’t it be great

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