Gaggan, the Best Indian Restaurant in Bangkok

Diamond Rings

Gaggan Anand is the owner of the most renowned and world’s best restaurant in Bangkok which is named as Gaggan. The food served tastes so delicious that you will want to gift Diamond rings to the chefs. Sites such as can inform you about the best hotels and restaurants in cities like Bangkok. Chef Anand has made sure to make a consistent change in his tasting menu that aroused curiosity among diners. The restaurant was started in the year 2010. Since then Gaggan has repeatedly been nominated for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants achievement record. The restaurant was announced as the best restaurant both in Thailand and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Some months later, Gaggan was ranked the 66th position on the publication’s “best in the world” list.

The Gaggan restaurant looked way different from a typical Indian restaurant. The decor of the place is white. From the music to the lighting of the vast and the art on the walls were all well maintained. Everything you find in the restaurant will seem perfect, nothing too bright or too loud. The Gaggan’s 10-course tasting menu provides you fantastic choices of dishes. The twist in the flavors makes the place more exciting. You will love the charcoal prawn Amritsari, yogurt explosion, butter chicken with some naan created by the chef Anand.

At the age of 38, Chef Gaggan has already reached the peak of success. He always wanted to do something different, and so he did. Chef Anand has always been focused on extending his business rather than being competitive in his approach. The way he experimented with the flavors of different dishes is well appreciated by his customers. The food in Gaggan is a mix of the traditional Indian cuisine with a blend of the freshest and the boldest flavors. The preparation involves innovation that gives every dish a different taste. The perfect amount of ingredients and spices balance out beautifully in every item.

Bringing variations in the taste and flavors of the dishes was challenging because everyone does not appreciate the change. People have become so sure about the taste of the dishes that slight twist in flavors can make significant impacts. But Chef Anand took the initiative. The Chef uses scientific cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy tools. As the Chef and the, his eatery Gaggan were gaining celebrities fame all over Thailand and also Asia the foodie fans have just been hit by the news that Gaggan is shutting up his shops by 2020. Chef Anand believes in an expiration date. According to him, every restaurant has a 10-year life, and after that, it becomes a brand.

This is time to book a table at Gaggan now. But reservations have turned even harder to get now. The Chef Gaggan famously known for serving progressive Indian cuisine has already made plans to set his new project. His next destination is Japan. He is planning to start a small restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan. He is introducing another exciting idea of a 25-course tasting menu that will be offered to his diners with no words but only emojis.

Establishing An Indian Restaurant In Bangkok

Indian restaurants are famous all over the world. They offer various cuisines of India and the world. Indian food is known for its taste and flavour. The aroma of the food tempts the taste buds of the people to have a bite of the food. The quality and tasty food provided by Indian restaurants have made them popular in the world. We run an Indian restaurant in Bangkok for the tourists all around the world.

Getting a foothold in the restaurant business is extremely difficult in Bangkok. We faltered at first, especially when it came to efficiently fulfilling our diner’s demands. Being the one of the few Indian restaurants in this part of Bangkok, we were flooded with diners and take-away orders! It was utter chaos! It was then we realised that we needed to implement some much-needed tech to streamline our activities. We looked at a many software solutions, from different vendors, like Wondersoft, Compeat, Dinerware, and so on. We even took help from online resources like
It might seem as an additional expense, but, in the end it was worth it. Our restaurant now runs seamlessly, proving the need for adopting innovative ideas to expand the restaurant business.

Here we have discussed the various steps followed by us to start our restaurant in Bangkok.

Knowing Our Customers
Before the commencement of the restaurant, we conducted research in the county of Bangkok. We tried to figure out the type of people who visit the country, the countries of the tourists, their taste preference, etc. The study helped us to know about the potential customers who might visit the restaurant. Try to focus on these people and satisfy their expectation.

Deciding On The Type Of Restaurant
It is critical to decide on the type of restaurant to be established. We were given options of opening a high-end restaurant or a casual dining. We found it difficult fix on the cuisines we want to offer. We had a choice of specialising in a particular cuisine or
Provide various cuisine. We worked on this decision based on the target customers who might visit our restaurant.

Working On A Business Plan
A detailed business plan helped us to track the course of our success. A good business plan is required to get funding from banks. We worked on an effective plan of activities well ahead before the start of the business. This helped us to foresee complex problems we might face after the establishment of the restaurant. It helped us to understand that there is no guarantee for success in this business.

Designing The Restaurant
It was a challenging task has we have to attract various people from all over the world. Mostly all our customers are first-time visitors. So we relied on designing our restaurant based on the common taste and preference of the people.We took utmost care to offer a perfect balance between aesthetics and the seating capacity.

Running an Indian restaurant in countries like Thailand is not an easy job. It requires careful planning and tremendous table work before its establishment. But, we are thankful to say, that so far, we have been able to garner a lot of support from our patrons who have helped us to succeed here.


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