FSSAI License and Registration – A Marketing Tool For Restaurants

The Featured Image Of The FSSAI Logo Which Needs To Be Acquired By Food Eateries or Restaurants

The Featured Image Of The FSSAI Logo Which Needs To Be Acquired By Food Eateries or Restaurants

Food-related businesses in India are governed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority. It is an autonomous body of the Indian government. It is mandatory for all restaurants to apply for a FSSAI license before establishing a restaurant. There are several formalities and procedures involved in applying for a food license for your restaurant. Perceiving a food license from FSSAI is a better way to popularize your restaurant worldwide. Restaurants thus can make use of FSSAI as a marketing tool and improve their business in the long run. The following article would help you understand the impact and benefits of restaurants applying for an FSSAI license.

Key Functions Of FSSAI In Restaurants

FSSAI a food license issued the Government of India for businesses related to the manufacture, distribution, and storage of food-related products. It mainly comes up with the globally accepted standards for various types of food businesses. It offers recognition to a food business that follows all the standards and norms prescribed by the Food Safety and Standard Authority. The notable functions of FSSAI in restaurants are

  • Ensures the quality of food prepared and served in the restaurants
  • Restaurants can avoid legal actions taken against them when they own a valid FSSAI license.
  • FSSAI ensures that the raw materials and used in the restaurants are based on prescribed standards.
  • FSSAI also standardizes the kitchen space of restaurants.

Benefits of FSSAI License For Restaurants

Owning an FSSAI license is a great move to improve your restaurant as it impacts the growth of your restaurant to a greater extent. There are several benefits that restaurants enjoy with FSSAI License and registration. The significant benefits are listed below.

Increases Trust On Your Restaurant: It is not easy to build trust and win the heart of customers when running a restaurant. FSSAI logos printed on the menu cards, pamphlets, etc can help restaurants to attract customers. FSSAI license is proof that ensures the quality of food offered in the restaurant. It helps in earning a consistent customer base for your business. Building trust in your restaurant becomes easy with the process of FSSAI license and registration. To Know more about FSSAI License, https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/cons-products/food/only-1-in-5-eateries-in-the-country-has-a-food-safety-licence/articleshow/69551344.cms

The Image Showing A Person Works In A Restaurant Kitchen And The Safety Standards Followed Is Shown.

Builds A Brand Name For Your Restaurant: It is not easy to promote your newly established restaurant in a few months without a valid FSSAI license. By obtaining an FSSAI license you in turn create a brand name for your restaurant. This helps in letting the public know about your new venture. FSSAI also helps to compete with other restaurants that run without an FSSAI License.

Expands Your Restaurant: FSSAI acts as a driving factor to expand your business by increasing the number of outlets in your restaurant. With a large customer base and enhanced customer relations, you can very well think of expanding your business to the next level. FSSAI eases the process of bank loans and other funding for business expansion.

How To Apply For FSSAI License and Registration?

The Food Safety and Standard authority mainly looks into various eligibility criteria for obtaining an FSSAI license for a restaurant. The restaurant premises, location, turnover, are some of the factors that are taken into consideration before offering an FSSAI license.

The following are steps to be followed to apply for FSSAI License and Registration.

  • Visit the official website of the Food Safety and Standard Authority. Known about the eligibility criteria of your restaurant say Central or State License. This can be decided based on the location of the restaurant and its turnover.
  • Fill in the sign-up form with a valid email id and contact number.
  • Decide on a user name and password for the registration process. Click on register
  • You get a message through email on the activation of your account.
  • With the activated user name, restaurant owners must apply through online mode within 30 days.
  • Fill the FSSAI registration form. Take a print out and click on submit.
  • A reference number would be provided on completing the registration form.
  • The printed copy of the application form should be submitted to the Regional Authority along with the required documents.

FSSAI food licensing and registration may seem like a hectic process. But it can be completed in less time with the help of reliable legal consultancies.

The above are some of the notable impacts that you can witness in your restaurant when you own a valid FSSAI License.

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