Lip-Smacking Goodness Of Indian Cuisines At Bangkok


Indians love their food! But we are just too much in love with our traditional cuisines that we immediately start missing homemade food once we leave our home country. The craving is so much that we are even ready to travel miles just to grab a bite of a well known local delicacy. An exceptionally good restaurant is one that provides you with a wide range of cuisines and that includes Indian food too. What would be more special than being served with piping hot Dal-chawal, Roti- paneer butter masala, dhokla or Chana-masala while touring an exotic locale like Bangkok? It would be a dream come true moment for the Indian food lovers out there.

One of the prominent Indian restaurants found in Bangkok is the Indian Hut Restaurant. Given below are some of the features that make it rank higher than the rest of the restaurants in Thailand.

Exceptional Service
The Indian Hut Bangkok does not just deliver the food at your place and leave the premises. They make sure the food reaches the place by time and will be with you until the end of the event, catering to the needs of the guests and serving them food and drinks. When the event is concluded, they gather up the dishes and leave the place only after removing the food wastes and cleaning up the area.


Catering To Your Cravings- At Your Door Steps
The Indian Hut provides catering services for events. Whatever be the event-weddings, birthdays, business meetings, get-togethers, tourism-related trips- they are always just a call away. You can pick the cuisine, and they are ready at your doorsteps, piping hot and ready to be served! They serve not only Indian dishes; there is a wide range of Thai delicacies and other cuisines available at the restaurant.

Catering at Events

Recently they had the opportunity to provide catering services to a yoga event conducted at Bangkok . It was a very well organised event that was attended by some of the notable names in the field of Yoga, such as Yoga King, Yoga Studio, Camyoga, and so on. This event was a major one, and was covered in detail by The organisers of the yoga event were very particular about the dishes they needed. After the event, most of the participants took their time thanking the caterers for the scrumptious meal as they were missing their homemade food after coming to Bangkok. Well, that would be the best compliment one would receive for their dedication and commitment to their job!

So, the next time you have to visit Bangkok make sure you visit Indian Hut, Bangkok or opt for the comprehensive catering services and we can guarantee you that you won’t say that you missed Indian food while staying in Bangkok. Or, if you feel like trying out new cuisines that you have not yet tried yet, even then Indian Hut Bangkok would provide you with the best! Let the lingering smell of delicious hot bites and the memories of delectable Indian cuisines travel back with you!

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