Trending Food Items in India

Zucchini pasta and zoodles offer an excellent treat to the Indian vegetarians, vegans and health freaks. It is likely to say that 2018 is going to deliver more plant-based dishes in Indian Food trend list. It is a light, low-calorie yet tasty recipe that is very easy to prepare. Once you try this dish, it will become your favourite. Zucchini noodles are delicious and are a healthy substitute for portions of pasta and other crab dishes. You can manipulate the taste of the dish according to your wishes by using different kinds of sauces and flavourings.

The world has finally recognised the importance of mushrooms. These are nature’s hidden treasure. Mushrooms are one of the best ingredients that you can use while preparing a dish. The ingredients besides being highly nutritious, also add fantastic flavour to your recipe and the crunchy texture will give you extreme pleasure when you eat it. You can choose mushrooms to grill, bake, fry, sauté, stuff, or roast and surprisingly it brings out its flavours to the fullest in every kind of cooking.

If you do not like to eat tacos stuffed with crabs here is good news for you. Shell-less tacos have already been launched in the market. You can now enjoy tacos wrapped with lettuce, kale or spinach shells or the tacos with gluten-free flours. You will also love to have the chicken-shell taco introduced by Taco Bell in India. It is apt to say that tacos will get a healthy revamp this year.

Superfood powders are healthy, and you can add this to any of your dishes to get their exotic flavour and serve a feast to your taste buds. Turmeric and matcha powders are very popular all over the world. Matcha powder is actually green tea finely ground into a powdery, sugar-like texture. Some of the superfood powders have a digestive healing property. We are hoping to see more additions to superfood powders in the market in the coming years. If you add some flaxseed, chia or cocoa powder to your desired shakes and salads, the ingredients will undoubtedly enhance their taste.

Poke bowls are generally referred to raw, marinated fish, usually tuna which is tossed with steamed rice and served with vegetables and umami-packed sauces. Guppy, in Delhi, will be adding this one bowl wonder dish on the menu list of most of the restaurants and eateries. Regional cuisines are also known as local or state dishes. Regional varieties are mostly based on available food, cooking style of the place and difference in the culture. Most of the celebrity chefs are travelling through different areas of India to bring out their favourite cuisines, explore the unknown flavours. In 2018, the regional cuisine will undoubtedly occupy an essential place in a restaurant’s menu list.

You can expect more and more restaurants are focusing on regional cuisines from the Northeast and the tribal belt of India, especially restaurants that offer food items from Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh and also some other regions. Besides the trending food items of the year, the chefs are also focusing on finding out ways to reduce the wastage of the year by utilising the entire animal or vegetable.

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