Tips For Planning An Indian Wedding At Thailand!

Thailand is the favorite place for many tourists because of its vibrancy and beauty. Owing to its proximity to India and the low travel expenses, Thailand is chosen by many Indians for destination weddings.

Plan the Travel Suitably
Frequent flights are available to different cities in Thailand. Air India, Air-Asia, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways, etc. offer services at reasonable rates. If you plan well ahead of the date and book the tickets, then you may be able to get some good deals. Thailand allows visa on arrival for the tourists which makes things convenient for you. Estimate the number of your guests and plan the arrangements for their travel rightly.

Take care of the legal stuff!
Rules of marriage differ from country to country. The ceremonies held in the presence of religious officials make the marriage valid in most of the countries. You would have to complete the official registration later. Some countries require proof for eligibility for marriage, and in some places, even blood tests are demanded. So, check such things and get the required things done so that you do not land in trouble the last minute.

A Wedding is incomplete without entertainment
The most vital element which makes destination wedding attractive for guests is the entertainment options it provides. Thailand offers you limitless options for entertainment. There are spots where you can enjoy adventurous activities like scuba diving and snorkelling, numerous malls and commercial spaces are available for an excellent shopping experience, a number of temples are there which are must visit places. Thai spa treatment is world famous, and your guests can enjoy that too. Make prior arrangements so that your guests can have a good time.

Arrange the Ceremony Right!
Everyhas its own ceremonies related to marriage. Thailand shows a strong cultural inclination towards India. Moreover, officials belonging to Hindu, Muslim, , Buddhist and other religions are easily available in Thailand. So getting a religious official to perform the marriage rites would not be a big deal. But, do not wait until the last minute to get the arrangement done. The ceremony is the most significant part of the wedding, and it should not be compromised.

Some Food Thoughts
Food is an integral element of Indian weddings. Whatever facilities you provide for the guests, if the food is not good, then the rest goes in vain. Many restaurants provide Indian food upon request. It would be wise to get this checked before fixing a venue. Thai food tastes great and it would be awesome if you have authentic Thai dishes included in your wedding food menu. Thai sea food and aromatic Thai curries are excellent options.

Bring in Some Thai Elements
In addition to the food, it would be fun if you can incorporate some Thai elements in your wedding. Thailand is very famous for elephants. So, why not try to include them in the wedding processions? Groom arriving on the elephant would also be a unique idea! Get in touch with the planners who can arrange such things perfectly. Thailand resorts frequently host Indian wedding and so you would be able to get such things arranged easily.

Costumes and Makeup- Follow Your Tradition!
Pre – plan and finalize your costumes for the Wedding Day and following ceremonies. Go for some best designers like The Fair Lady Designer from Diadem Bridal Gowns , Chennai , Swathi from Studio 149 and so on.Take the costumes and accessories along with you neatly packed so that they are not tampered with during the flight. While coming to costumes and makeup, it would be best to follow your tradition. You would be the most confident and comfortable in your own traditional style. It is your special day, and your comfort should be the primary consideration. You can get the costumes and accessories designed in India. Take the costumes and accessories along with you neatly packed so that they are not tampered with during the flight. Makeup can be done in the perfect Indian style only if you hire Indian makeup artists. Choose the┬ábest wedding makeup artist in Chennai who is an expert in taking up such assignments; you can approach them and convey your requirements. Costumes and makeup are important because they are the ones which make you look good in your wedding pictures and videos.

Do not overlook any of these points. If the preparations are done rightly, then there is no need to worry. You can relax and celebrate your special day enjoying the essence of Thailand. So, why wait! Start planning now! Thailand has all the magic to make your wedding a truly memorable day.

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  1. Excellent post!Arranging a wedding in Thailand is awesome.These tips are really helpful.Choosing best bridal makeup artist is a must.I just loved your tips on wedding

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