Top-Rated Trending Restaurant Menu List

It is now time when the Indian food trends of the year will be discussed, listed, predicted and shared all over the globe. Some dishes remain, and some change whereas some dishes stay in power for a long time in the menu list. As we see that the majority of the population is concerned about health and eating healthy, avoiding junk as much as possible, the year’s trending menu is focuses on consumer health and their awareness about healthy lifestyle. The traditional dishes will be provided with a blend of exotic spices and flavours. These trends have gained importance in the past few years which include cuisine inspired from street menus, Mediterranean flavours and breakfast items. The newly introduced one is the plant-based items.

The Vegetarian Diet
If you want to enjoy benefits of nutrition in the food that you eat, the vegetarian diet is the best choice that you can make. The traditional non-vegan diet comes is a combination of meat cum dairy items and animal food items. The plant-based diet is famous for its health benefits that it provides to a consumer. Veggies and fruits are naturally healthier than consuming beef or poultry. Besides the menu having plant food items, some of the vegetable items are also gaining acceptance. You will find veggie based nutritious food that includes cauliflower and risotto. Pizza garnished with a crust of zucchini is the veggie section of the restaurant’s menu list.

Appetizing Street Foods
Along the launch of Food Truck, the popularity of street dishes have been exploded in recent years. This year street dishes and items have gained more sophistication when compared to the previous years. Whether be it with charcoal, wood or stone you will love to have the street food. The influence of street foods in events and conferences has helped it to gain prominence among the eating hubs. Street foods are therefore able to offer attractive menu names and ideas that go beyond the regular burgers and sandwiches or fries and soups. You can try waffles having strawberries toppings with choco cream and enjoy the best of street foods.

Burgers and Pizzas
Pizzas and burgers have become widespread and common in many parts of the world. A burger is a sandwich stuffed with one or more patties of fried or grilled meat, foie gras, caviar, lobster, truffles and aged gruyere cheese or mayonnaise. Pizza is a traditional Italian dish which consists of yeasted flatbread typically topped with vegetables, tomato sauce, and cheese then baked in the oven. Pepperoni pizza is the most favourite type of pizza of the majority. Pizza is a low cost and readily prepared dish that can be perfect for a casual dinner.

The Mediterranean flavours have continued to remain in power in the trending menu list of the restaurants over the years. Flavours like pomegranate, Zatar, sumac and cardamom also turmeric has always been among the main ingredients in the dishes of many restaurants. Middle Eastern and Israeli ingredients like hummus, lamb and kefir have also appeared prominently in the menu list of several restaurants. Egg dishes are mainly ordered for breakfast. Moreover, they are very cheap and can also play a part in lunch and dinner.

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