Restaurant Food You Can Make At Home

Indian cuisines have a taste of their own. With lots of spices and a different flavour in every single restaurant, we all have our favourite foods. Indian Food can be made in plenty of ways depending on the person cooking it. This is an incredible feature about Indian food items that is unbeatable by any other country’s food. The number of spices available in our country is a big list. Let us discuss few Indian restaurant delights that we can quickly make at home. Of course, practice will let you develop the similar taste as it is in a restaurant but the trial must start now.

The simplest and most beloved food item is perhaps Alloo Tikki. An easy to make an appetiser that can be served in any way you want. Alloo Tikki is nothing else but mashed potatoes mixed with spices, formed into patties and fried after that. It can be complemented by mango chutney which is often made and preserved for several days by many Indian households. The next thing that you will find everywhere from a small street shop to any reputed restaurant is Samosa. If you are from any European country, you must be familiar with empanadas. Samosa is quite similar to empanadas and is a popular appetiser in every part of the country.

Momos have also become quite popular in Indian street shops and restaurants in recent times. These are Indian dumplings that can be made with a little practice at home. Filling of the Momos can experiment as many numbers of times as you desire. Another important thing about Indian food habit is that certain appetisers are famous for a particular time. For instance, people love eating Pakodas or bhaji during the rain. Pakodas are extremely easy to make and requires a very minimal amount of effort.

In the main course, North Indians are fans of the Gobi which is a dish made using cauliflower. Alloo Gobi Sabji is often served at restaurants and is pretty easy to be prepared at home. Unlike other leading dishes, alloo Gobi Sbji is preferred dry. For non-vegetarians there are plenty of roasted and spicy food options. Try Indian style chicken tandoori which is famous worldwide. It can be made at home in a tandoor. You need to marinate the chicken pieces in curd and then it is passed through a metal rod or stick. It is then put into a tandoor where it is allowed to get cooked for some time.

There are other easy-to-make chicken dishes for a home like chicken tikka masala. The only work required here is to prepare the gravy carefully. It can be served with roti or naan as you like it. North India is famous for another dish known as chicken butter masala. It is very commonly made at homes for lunch. Lamb Rogan josh is another fancy dish mainly served in restaurants. The fantastic item can be prepared at home to pamper your taste buds anytime you want. Try out a recipe book to help you with the ingredients and the cooking process and you are done.

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