Upcoming Trends In Restaurants

The evolution of the restaurant and hotel sector in India has always been dynamic. Exact analysis of the restaurant tends is not easy to comprehend, unless you have accurate macroscopic data for your research. When it comes to consumption after retail, then the food & beverage sector of the industry occupies a significant portion. In the coming years, it is likely that many experimental trends will emerge and change the landscape of this sector. The arrival of food trucks is among the most significant events in the food & beverage sector. The number of consumers opting to eat delicious street food which chefs cook on food trucks is substantial. In the future, the number of customers will inevitably rise.

The probable proliferation of home cooks
Analysts expect that there will be a considerable hike in the number of people serving food after cooking it in their homes. The concept of home cooks is similar to cloud kitchen, but there are some fundamental differences between the two. In the case of home cooks, there will not be any hiring of chefs to cook dishes, but cloud kitchens employ experts for cooking. When the homeowner takes up the mantle of preparing all the meals on the menu, then we can call them home cooks.

The reality is that home cooks exist even in the present time, but the number of people involved in this business is relatively less. In the future, it is safe to assume that a higher number of people will get into the home cooking business. The quality of food coupled with timely delivery can make sure that the contribution of the food & beverage sector to direct consumption goes up immensely. Starting a home cooking business does not involve a lot of investment, but it can garner substantial revenue as well as profits.

Focus on whole foods, protein and baked foods
The younger generation is a lot more health conscious than people above the age of 35. Yes, the below-30 age group is not very keen on eating home-cooked food, but they want to make sure that they consume a balanced diet. So, the use of nutritious food items in eateries and restaurants should also go up by several notches. Unprocessed items will surely gain greater prominence in the times to come.

Many eateries and diners have shifted their focus to serving protein-rich items to their consumers. It is also true that the frequent visitors to high-end restaurants demand food that improves their health. Seafood is rich in protein, and hence a more significant number of people want to increase consumption of seafood.

At the same time, people do not want to consume fried food items because of the numerous health hazards that fried stuff brings. In the recent past, more and more people have chosen to eat baked goods instead of oil-fried dishes.

The popularity of Indian Cuisine
If you keep in view the recent past, then it is highly probable that Indian cuisine will get back its prominence. Restaurants across the country are trying to add many dishes of Indian cuisine to their menu.

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